NEW~Junior Derby for ages 5-17!

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NEW~ Junior Roller Derby, 6-17yrs

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Aloha City Rollers is a flat track roller derby league which promotes the sport of roller derby to women and men on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. 
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Roller Derby is a full contact sport on quad roller skates requiring participants to train hard in order to be well skilled. This is not the WWF style show that was televised in the 70's and 80. There is no fighting, clothes-lining, punching, tripping, or blocking to the head. Players use hip checks, shoulder hits, and positional body blocking to impede or take out their opponents.

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This is not mindless violence, there is a lot of strategy that goes into playing.
These are real athletes that work hard to be good at what they do!

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Roller Derby is a sport for people of all walks of life and all body types.
There are lots of ways to be involved in our league:
skating players, skating referees, non skating officials, bout production, and sponsors. 

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If this sounds interesting to you then come roll with us!
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Senator Mike Gabbard & Kapolei Chamber of Commerce President Attilio Leonardi support Aloha City Rollers!
Senator Mike Gabbard & Kapolei Chamber of Commerce President Attilio Leonardi support Aloha City Rollers!

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Open to women and men 18+. You don't need to know how to skate or anything about roller derby at this time. We will teach you. We have loaner skates and safety gear for you to check out a few practices before making a commitment.
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The ACR Beat Down Zeebz Squad gets all the action but none of the hurt. Refereeing is a fun and exciting way to be involved in roller derby without the full contact. Challenge yourself mentally and physically while having a great time with awesome people. If you would like more information on joining the ACR Beat Down Zeebz Squad of referees or this clinic please email


Aloha City Rollers is seeking trained EMT's, Doctors, and Military Medic's to be our official Roller Derby Medic at our games. There are inevitable scrapes, twists, bumps and occasional breaks during games and our Medics are the first to assess and provide initial treatment to the injured skater then determine if an ambulance or visit to the Doctor's office is required. If you are interested in joining ACR as a medic please email for more information. 

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