NEW~Junior Derby for ages 5-17!

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NEW~ Junior Roller Derby, 6-17yrs

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Skaters visiting Oahu from another League are welcome to practice with us!

If you will be visiting the Island of Oahu and would like to get in some skate time while you are here and are an active member of another league you can join in our league practices. For information on our practice times and locations email us at and tell us
1) What league you are from?
2) How long you have been an active skater on the league?
3) When you will be on Oahu?
4) Have you passed your minimum skills tests?

If your league will give you practice credit for attending our leagues practices please provide your league attendance tracking persons email address and we are happy to report your practice attendance with our league to them.

We practice in Mililani which is Central Oahu. The track is not on a bus line so you will need a rental car to get to and from practices. Loaner skates and gear may be available upon request and prior arrangement. We do not charge visiting skaters anything to practice with our league. Email us close to your arrival to confirm practice times are still the same and we will provide you driving instructions to get to the track and a local contact number for us.

Our league is a stickler for safety and our coaches do not permit skaters at our practices or games to be on their skates without all safety gear on including mouth guard and helmet. When skaters are caught violating this safety policy the entire team is punished with some type of physical challenge like push ups, cruches or laps. This trains skaters to always be safe and in the habbit of not putting your mouth guard in your helmet or bra strap. No Aloha City Rollers skater has ever received a illegal procedure penalty during a game for not having all their safety equipment in/on.


  Some of the visiting skaters who have skated with us...

QuadzillaJan2015.jpg (414407 bytes)
Quadzilla of Team Awesome photo by Evie Allyn Photography


TakillaShooter.jpg (76092 bytes)
Takilla Shooter of Saint Cloud Roller Derby

Atsushi and Ryo of Ninjapan Rollers


Atsushi and  Ninjapan Rollers.jpg (120653 bytes)
Atsushi and Ryo of Ninjapan Rollers came to a 2nd practice

Cata Hari of UK's Bath Roller Derby Girls

NuckyStuds.jpg (96591 bytes)
Nucky Studs of UK's Milton Keynes Roller Derby League

SailorJackSDDD.jpg (80459 bytes)
Sailor Jack of San Diego Derby Dolls

SmackANovaofArchRivalRollerGirls.jpg (101320 bytes)
Smack A'Nova of Arch Rival Roller Girls