NEW~Junior Derby for ages 5-17!

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Workouts that work out and strengthen areas important to those who play roller derby.
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NEW~ Junior Roller Derby, 6-17yrs

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On and off skate workouts make for a stronger more badass roller derby player!!

Off Skate Roller Derby Workouts

Roller Derby is a serious sport and athletes who play train hard so they can play hard.
   On skate AND off skate training is important for a roller derby athlete to become strong and reach their full badass derby potential. Below are some workouts designed to strengthen areas used by roller derby athletes.

Always consult a medical professional before beginning any workout or exercise regimen.

Never hyperextend your knees and/or elbows during exercise.
Start slowly and do as much as you can, then a little more each time.
If you experience unusual pain - STOP! Do not get hurt, get strong!

Click here to review Handsome's 41-Day Apocalyptic Workout Challenge which will help to strengthen the parts of you important in roller derby!

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Click here for a Circuit Off Skate Workout!

Click here for the Insurance Commercial Wall Sit Challenge